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Do you want your church to be a place of belonging? Do you want your church to be Irresistible?

An Irresistible Church is an authentic community built on the hope of Christ that compels people affected by disability to fully belong. We’ve Got This! was written with the goal of introducing your church to respite ministry and training churches on how to open doors to their community.

Families or caregivers who have children with disabilities are often isolated, exhausted, and grieving. Respite events can be a safe bridge for families to cross over the threshold of the church by satisfying an urgent need. A place for children to be themselves, for caregivers to have a break and for the church to serve well is invaluable. This book is a practical guide that provides the necessary tools to plan and execute a successful respite event.

Free PDF, Kindle, and ePub versions are available.

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