Texas Warrior Getaway

November 1, 2023 - November 5, 2023

A family sitting on a bench and posing for a photo at Warrior Getaway

Warrior Getaway serves American servicemen and women who have visible and invisible injuries as a result of military service. Veterans, along with their families, are provided a safe space for respite, spiritual renewal, and healing. Families experience fellowship with others facing similar difficulties, and find new hope in Christ.

Join Joni and Friends Texas for this five-day retreat for Veterans and Veterans’ family members. Enjoy a wide range of accessible family activities, powerful speakers, counseling opportunities, and time in God’s Word. Come to experience spiritual renewal and refreshment alongside other families who understand your unique challenges. Prepare to slow down, take a deep breath, enjoy beautiful scenery, build relationships, and have fun!

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Generous Joni and Friends donors have covered the $500 per person cost for all Warrior families.

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$500 per person
Volunteers arrive one day early.

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