Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Charlotte Hollman

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A picture of Charlotte Hoffman with a man next to her with his arm around her.

Meet Joni and Friends Volunteer Dr. Charlotte Hollman

Dr. Charlotte Hollman is a well-known pediatric neurologist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Not only does she trust Jesus and live out her faith daily—she also has a heart for people with disabilities and has dedicated much of her career to helping families navigating disability. She also serves faithfully with Joni and Friends!

Our Joni and Friends Louisiana office shared about Dr. Hollman:

“When we think about fearlessly living as a disciple of Christ, many volunteers from the Louisiana Area Ministry come to mind. One of those volunteers stands out as someone who seeks to stand firm in her faith in all circumstances. Not only does Charlotte Hollman live out her faith in Christ in her daily walk, but she encourages all those she encounters to do the same.”

Charlotte Hoffman holding a microphone up to a young man at Family Retreat who has a disability.

Why Dr. Hollman Serves

Charlotte Hollman knows about disability from personal experience. Growing up her sister had a disability. Her son, James, who brightens the day of all who meet him, lives with autism. Dr. Hollman has seen firsthand the difficulties people and families living with disability face.

“I am thankful for Joni and Friends because people with special needs often feel ignored. Joni and Friends is done through the love of Christ.”

Charlotte Hollman

For many years, Charlotte has led a Bible study for mothers of children with disabilities. Even more than the physical care of others, Charlotte is most concerned with the spiritual care of families struggling with disability, which is why she volunteers with Joni and Friends.

Charlotte Hoffman in a group picture with two other ladies, all smiling at the camera.

Making a Difference with Joni and Friends

Over the years Dr. Hollman has made a meaningful difference to countless people with disabilities. How does she serve?

  • Teaching at Joni and Friends disability ministry conferences for churches
  • Delivering Christmas gifts to special needs families
  • Encouraging her patients to attend Family Retreat
  • Serving at Family Retreat
  • Giving out Bibles and Joni and Friends materials at her office

At one recent Family Retreat a family arrived for the very first time. Despite some anxieties, they had traveled over six hours to bring their son with significant physical disabilities to experience the Joni and Friends community. When asked why they made the trek, they immediately referred to a recommendation from Dr. Hollman. Since then, countless families have shown up for Joni and Friends events, both local and at a distance, at the invitation of their trusted neurologist.

You can make a difference too!

Dr. Hollman’s generosity and dedication encourages not only the families and patients she serves, but also her fellow volunteers and the Joni and Friends team. This year Dr. Hollman will retire from her medical practice, but not from her calling of bringing the healing love of Jesus to people living with disabilities!

Support Joni and Friends Louisiana

You can serve and love people just like Dr. Hollman does when you volunteer with Joni and Friends. Find out how you can make an immediate and eternal difference for families living with disability, both at home and all over the world.

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