From Being Served to Serving Others: Full Circle Ministry in New Mexico

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DeAnn, who has cerebral palsy, attended Family Retreat in New Mexico with her husband, Kevin. There she was able to participate in new and exciting events like horseback riding and the zip line! DeAnn was a vibrant member of the women’s group at Family Retreat, and she really shined when she sang in the Talent Show. All of these activities and opportunities allowed DeAnn to use the beautiful gifts God has given her, and they also strengthened her confidence in remarkable ways.

Kevin was able to fully enjoy Family Retreat, too, knowing that DeAnn had a Short-Term Missionary who would help her in every situation – freeing Kevin up to do things he would have missed out on otherwise.

Family Retreat blessed this special husband and wife by bringing new blessings into their marriage, and in many ways, Family Retreat helped DeAnn embark on new personal ministry opportunities, as well. In fact, DeAnn’s confidence in who she is in Christ increased so much that she decided to give back to not only Joni and Friends New Mexico, but also her local church and the overall body of Christ!

“You are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

1 Corinthians 12:27

DeAnn and Kevin are important parts of every event facilitated by Joni and Friends New Mexico. DeAnn joins our online women’s Bible study each week, as well as our online weekly prayer group, where she gives and receives hope through the hardships of life. She and Kevin have even started fundraising for Joni and Friends New Mexico, ensuring that other families impacted by disability can benefit from the excellent programs and support we offer – just like they do!

Plus, they’ve taken our Joni and Friends Beyond Suffering course, which provides a biblical perspective on suffering and disability. The knowledge gained through the Beyond Suffering curriculum combined with DeAnn’s first-hand, personal experience with disability makes her the perfect person to speak into the lives of other people impacted by disability.

And that’s exactly what she’s now doing as a disability ministry leader in her own church! God has blessed DeAnn with a heart to serve, and he uses Joni and Friends New Mexico to give her the confidence she needs to step out and make a difference in the lives of others. Her own struggles with cerebral palsy have given her great compassion and insights. DeAnn is able to minister to the hearts of people with disabilities in ways that few others can.

DeAnn is answering God’s call to ministry leadership in partnership with her church.

As a part of our mission to equip and mobilize the global church, Joni and Friends eagerly supports DeAnn in her new leadership role with educational materials and resources for the families she is serving. And we will continue to offer the Christ-centered programs and support needed to continually strengthen DeAnn and Kevin’s marriage, as well as the marriages and families of others impacted by disability, too.

Joni and Friends New Mexico has transformed DeAnn’s life, but there are countless others impacted by disability who still need a mountain-moving miracle in their lives. Marriages need saving, and families need strengthening. Won’t you join us in shining the light of Christ into the darkness and showing special needs families that God has a great purpose for their lives, too?

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