Family Retreats go Canadian!

By |Published On: October 6, 2011|Categories: Family Retreats|

chantal riding a raft on a lake

Our neighbor-nation recently held its first Family Retreat – one family arrived with three children with Down syndrome, but experienced a fresh touch from the Savior, along with all the other families. Even the residents of a nearby mobile-home park chipped in, baking pies for a pie-and-ice-cream social, and staying for a little square-dancing. When Chantal, who has CP, was being carried onto the inner-tube for a spin around the lake, a 4-year-old boy who had taken a shine to her, stopped his sand play to run out on the dock and yell, “Don’t be afraid Chantal!!” (You can see from the photo, Chantal was not afraid)! The Gospel of Christ was evident to all and at the close of the retreat, the volunteers even did a “blessing of the hands” on the parents, praying over them for the year ahead. There’s sure to be another Family Retreat in Canada in 2012

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