Georgia Family Retreat

October 20, 2023 - October 22, 2023

A volunteer and teen camper are so excited to be at Family Retreat.

Family Retreat offers a haven for families living with disability. In a fully accessible camp environment, families are cared for, rejuvenated, and encouraged in Christ.

Enjoy a fun, Christ-centered environment that is safe and accepting for each member of the family. During this time of respite, you will build lasting memories and find renewed hope as you take part in Bible study, accessible activities, and opportunities to connect with other families who face similar challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Family Cost:
$250 per person**

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Volunteer Cost:
$350 per person**
Volunteers arrive one day early.

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Volunteers can apply with multiple people as a Group. If you are volunteering with your family, please select Volunteer Group Application and apply for everyone all at once.

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*Application does not guarantee attendance to the event.
**Payment is not due at the time of application.