The Desires of Your Heart

By |Published On: October 2, 2023|Categories: Daily Devotional|

Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart? Well, we like it because we’re so quick to think that the first part is a means of obtaining something. Take delight in God and you will get. When you take delight in the Lord, he becomes the desire, the only desire of your heart. The Christian who truly takes pleasure in God doesn’t love him because he gets stuff that he wants no matter how honorable and good that stuff is.

The lesson is, make God the delight of your heart and he will give you whatever is best for you. Yes, maybe a husband, or yes, maybe a new job, but all of it, all of it, it’s a get from his hand because he knows how much you love him. He just wants to give you things because he loves you. So friend, keep on delighting in Jesus, in his salvation, in his grace. And when he gives you stuff, it’ll be for your highest good, but best of all, it’ll be for his glory.

Living in God’s Love: A Call to Christian Community

Kay Toombs, a Christian, professor, and author who lives with disability, returns to the podcast to explore the transformational power of intentional Christian community. Over decades living with multiple sclerosis (MS), Kay has reflected and taught on issues related to illness, disability, caregiving, and healing, as well as the role Christianity can play in creating a sustainable culture and caring communities.

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