Wheels for the World Delivers Wheelchairs, Help, and Gospel Hope

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Fifteen-year-old Jonathan from the Philipphines all smiles in his wheelchair with volunteers by his side.

“And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us.”

1 John 3:23

Fifteen-year-old Jonathan and his mother live in the Philippines. Jonathan has a disability that limits his mobility and he can’t walk.

Without a wheelchair for her son, Jonathan’s mother struggled to lift and transport him.

When Jonathan and his mom came to a Wheels for the World™ wheelchair distribution in the Philippines, Jonathan shared fist bumps, smiles, and laughs with our team.

Volunteer mechanics, physical therapists, and seating specialists assessed Jonathan’s needs and customized his wheelchair.

They also recognized potential for Jonathan to gain physical strength, so they provided a custom-made transfer board for Jonathan that allows him to move to and from his wheelchair on his own.

To be sure Jonathan felt comfortable with his transfer board, the team asked him and his mother to return for a second day.

During the second day, Jonathan came with an infectious smile, ready for his transfer board training. He quickly learned to use the board as his mom watched, eyes gleaming with pride.

By the time Jonathan and his mom were ready to go home, they had heard the Gospel and experienced the power of God’s hands-on love.

They now have the tools, support, and training they need for Jonathan to continue gaining independence. Best of all, through Joni and Friends, Jonathan and his mom connected with a local church whose pastor and congregation have offered them a warm welcome and tangible support.

The pastor and physical therapists from his church now follow up with Jonathan at their home. The team hopes that one day Jonathan will gain enough strength to walk. In the meantime, both Jonathan and his mom are grateful for the life-changing gifts they received through Joni and Friends.

Wheels for the World™ provides life-changing mobility and the hope of the Gospel to people living with disabilities worldwide.

Each volunteer plays an essential role on a Wheels for the World outreach. Serve with us as a seating therapist, mechanic, or photographer, or in another supporting role. Every team member will directly impact people living with disability.

Your gift to Joni and Friends Missouri will send transformational help and hope to people living with disabilities across the globe—from Missouri to the Philippines.

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