Time to Test Your Knowledge About Wheels for the World™!

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Time to test your knowledge about Wheels for the World™!

Question 1: Which of the following best describes Wheels for the World?

A) A flagship Joni and Friends program that gives the gifts of mobility and the Gospel to people with disabilities around the world

B) A program that collects, restores, and delivers wheelchairs to people in need

C) The Joni and Friends ministry that has delivered more than 200,000 restored wheelchairs worldwide

D) An opportunity for prisoners to serve people in need

E) An environmentally sustainable program

F) All of the above

Question 2: Where does Wheels for the World restore wheelchairs?

A) At restoration centers housed in U.S. prisons

B) In overseas restoration centers

C) In Joni’s front yard

D) Answers A and B

Question 3: What kinds of used mobility equipment can you donate to Wheels for the World?

A) Manual wheelchairs

B) Wheelchairs, walkers, and canes

C) Wheelchair parts

D) All of the above

Don’t cheat! Once you have your answers, read on

Key: If you chose “E” for question 1 and “D” for question 2, congratulations! You’re a Wheels for the World expert (and should probably consider coming on an outreach soon!).

For question 3, you’ll have to keep reading.

Let’s take a moment to talk about sustainability…

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

Genesis 2:15

The UCLA Sustainability Committee defines sustainability as: “the integration of environmental health, social equity and economic vitality in order to create thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient communities for this generation and generations to come. The practice of sustainability recognizes how these issues are interconnected and requires a systems approach and an acknowledgement of complexity.”

What makes Wheels for the World Sustainable (and much more)?

As you already know, donated mobility equipment goes to Wheels for the World restoration centers to be made like new and ready for distribution to people in need. Donated wheelchairs, walkers, and other items are shipped to restoration centers housed in U.S. prisons. There, inmates get to serve people in need by repairing, restoring, and processing the equipment.

Inmates serving with Wheels for the World often report a new sense of purpose and hope as they work for the good of people with disabilities worldwide.

Until 2022, all wheelchair restoration took place within the United States. But in 2022, Joni and Friends opened its first international wheelchair restoration center, located in El Salvador—the first of multiple centers slated to open across the globe.

These international centers will train and employ local people, many with disabilities, to restore used wheelchairs to like-new condition.

Restored chairs will be distributed throughout the region, reducing shipping costs and creating new employment opportunities for local people. With stateside and international restoration centers, Wheels for the World provides mobility equipment for people who would otherwise have to do without—while helping to restore the lives of prisoners and create economic opportunity for people in other countries.

Key: Now, the answer to question 3! If you answered “D” (all of the above), you are correct!

Wheels for the World accepts donations of mobility devices including:

  • Manual wheelchairs, all types and sizes
  • Aluminum walkers, crutches, and canes
  • Wheelchair footrests
  • Other wheelchair parts and trays
  • Wheelchair seat cushions
  • New crutch and armpit pads, hand grips, and foot tips

(Note that Joni and Friends does not accept electric wheelchairs. In many of the locations Wheels for the World wheelchair outreaches take place, road conditions and lack of reliable access to electricity, along with other challenges, make motorized wheelchairs nearly impossible to use and maintain.)

You can make a (sustainable!) difference when you support Wheels for the World, all while changing lives for Christ.

Make an Environmental Commitment: Donate to Wheels for the World today!

Help deliver the Hope of the Gospel and the gift of mobility to people around the world.

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