From Hardship to Hope in Jesus

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As a Luke 14 Project partner, you are a friend to children worldwide who are lonely and isolated because of their disability. Your monthly support and prayers give the hope of Jesus and practical help to children like Jackie in Thailand.

Jackie was born a healthy typical boy. He could walk until he was five years old. “Then he started to fall down again and again. I didn’t really think much about it since I’m the village leader, I am responsible for everyone. I just thought he would be okay,” Ekkachaitold us. Now, Jackie cannot walk or get up on his own. He has no strength and desperately needed a wheelchair.  

The doctor told Jackie’s parents he has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)— a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. Most people with DMD do not live past 30 years and there is no cure.

Here is a mother and father watching their child get worse each day because of his disability. Wandee told us, “If we leave the house, we leave him lying out here all day long. For him to get into the house or go to the bathroom, I have to carry him in and back out. When I lift him, it hurts my back a lot.”

Jackie’s parents struggle financially to provide for their family. The little money they get goes to food and Jackie’s treatments. Through tears, Wandee whispered, “I am so sad.”  

Jackie still has dreams for his future. He’d like to continue learning and shared, “I’d like to get a new wheelchair so I can go to school by myself.”

After a 3-hour journey, Jackie’s mom brought him to our Wheels for the World™ distribution filled with hope and eager to receive his first wheelchair.  

Wandee shared, “Sometimes Jackie’s disability makes me feel discouraged and in despair. But the Wheels for the World volunteers encouraged me to press on. They gave me so much strength. I was speechless and overwhelmed with joy!”  

Wandee also told us, “What makes me happy is that the volunteers took time to teach me physical therapy [for Jackie]. This means so much more than just receiving a wheelchair.”

Thanks to your support through the Luke 14 Project, Jackie finally received his very own wheelchair! Like most people in Thailand, Jackie and his family are Buddhist, but that day, they received more than just a wheelchair— they learned about the love and hope of Jesus and were given Bible in their language!

Wandee shared, “I am glad that Jackie could get a wheelchair. He is so excited. He likes it a lot!” Ekkachai added, “This wheelchair helps in so many ways. Now he wheels himself into the house and will attend school again. He no longer has to rely on us to carry him.”  

Jackie’s simple yet heart-felt message to you, faithful donors, was said with a huge smile on his face, “Thank you!”

Your partnership through the Luke 14 Project removes the isolation and loneliness that families like Jackie’s experience every day. Thank you for being a friend to so many hurting children around the world who desperately need the hope of Jesus today.

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