Support Our Relief Work in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

Support Our Relief Work in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

How Do We Help Ukrainians with Disabilities?

Since February 24, 2022 when war broke out in Ukraine, Joni and Friends has worked with in-country partners to rescue and care for Ukrainians with disabilities by:

  • Meeting urgent needs: Providing evacuation to safety, medical attention, food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Meeting long-term needs: Coordinating housing, trauma counseling, and programs to spark hope and healing.
  • Looking to the future: At the outset of the war, over 2.7 million Ukrainians reported living with disabilities. By the time the war ends, that number will be higher. Joni and Friends commits to serving these people, now and in days to come.

How Can You Respond to the Crisis in Ukraine?

When you support Joni and Friends, you answer a call given by Jesus in Luke 14, to go out into the streets and country lanes and find people with disabilities…so that his house will be full.

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