Television Series

Produced between 2007-2014, Joni Eareckson Tada shares stories of God’s goodness in the lives of real people enduring heart-wrenching trials.

Broadcast Networks

The Joni and Friends TV program is aired on networks around the world, including:

Cornerstone Network: Pittsburg, PA (WPCB-TV and WKBBS-TV plus 70 affiliates)

ICFN (International Christian Family Network): Glendale, CA

KAJN (Family Vision): Lafayette, LA

KGEB/GEB (Oral Roberts University): Tulsa, OK

KJEO 32.4 (ManaVision3): Sanger, CA

KGSC 47: Cheyenne, WY

KNXT TV (Catholic Television): Fresno, CA

The Dove TV: Medford, OR

TCT(HD) Network: United States and Canada (over 45 affiliates nationwide)

TLN (Total Living Network): Chicago, IL (Includes KTLN, San Francisco, KEEN, Las Vegas plus over 90 other affiliates)

WAZT: Woodstock, VA

WLLATV64L: Kalamazoo, MI

WTJR-TV16: Quincy, IL

WTLU: The Liberty Channel, Lynchburg, VA

WVCY: Milwaukee, WI

Alfa Omega TV: Romania*

Australian Christian Channel (ACC, Shine TV, UChannel): Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand

C-Channel: Korea*

CGNTV | Christian Global Network*: Korea*, China*, Japan*

CNLTV: Russia*

Credo TV: Romania*

ERF Medien: Germany* and other German speaking/European Countries

Family 7 TV: Netherlands*

Friends Forever TV: Jamaica & Guyana

Gospel TV: Pakistan

Imani Television: Kitale, Kenya

Light TV (Zoe Broadcasting): Philippines

Patmos Foundation/Studio 24: Finland

Shalom TV: India*

SongkeumTV: Cambodia*

United Christian Broadcasters, Ltd.: United Kingdom

*Translated in the indicated country’s spoken language with subtitles and/or audio dubbing.