Beneficiary Designations

Charitable Beneficiary Designations are Smart, Easy and Flexible

Naming Joni and Friends as a beneficiary, for a stipulated percentage, on a bank account, IRA, retirement plan, or life insurance policy is a smart, easy and flexible way to give that will continue your passion and partnership in transforming the lives of families living with disabilities throughout the world.

Wen Ling and her mom

“My decision to name Joni and Friends as a beneficiary on my retirement plan was based on the guiding principles I found in the scriptures. God asks us to be good stewards.”

– Wen Ling Chin

Why is this smart?

Receive an estate tax charitable deduction for 100%

Reduce the income tax burden on your family

Avoid probate as gifts via beneficiary designation bypass the probate process

Review and adjust your beneficiary designations at any time should your circumstances change

Avoid expensive legal fees to make changes as in a Will or Trust

Leave a legacy that yields practical and eternal impact

Beneficiary Designation example with Sam

How does it work?

Sam is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people impacted by disabilities. He recently updated his Will to leave stocks and real estate to his children and grandchildren. He named Joni and Friends as the sole beneficiary on his $75,000 IRA to be transferred following his lifetime. Since Joni and Friends is tax-exempt, all $75,000 will bypass probate and go directly to us to further our mission of transforming the lives of people living with disabilities with the love of Christ and the hope of the Gospel.

If Sam had left the IRA to his family, approximately $18,000* would have gone to pay federal income taxes-leaving only $57,000 for his family’s use. Sam is happy knowing he has found a smart way to make a gift to charity while caring for his family. His legacy is both practical and eternal.

*Based on an assumption of a 24% marginal income tax bracket.

How do I do it?

It’s quick and easy! Simply request and complete the beneficiary designation form from your financial institution.

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