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“Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel [the disabled, lame and poor] to come in, so that my house will be full.’”

Luke 14:23

Having traveled to 57 countries, I’ve seen countless disabled people in impoverished places trying desperately to eke out a living. Once when I was in the Philippines during a monsoon downpour, I saw a paralyzed woman drag herself through a muddy street to the back door of a small restaurant. I was told she was hoping to receive left-over food. Our Filipino host shook his head and lamented, “Things shouldn’t be this way.” On the flight home, I kept praying, “Oh, God, if you would graciously use my life to make a difference, I’m all in!”

Begging for food? Denied medical treatment? Dragging useless legs through the dirt for lack of a wheelchair? Things shouldn’t be this way.

It’s why when it comes to the needy and the afflicted, the Bible constantly uses words like “rescue,” “defend,” “help,” “speak up for,” and “care for.” God doesn’t want us to simply ‘remember the afflicted,’ or ‘pray for the poor,’ although both are important. He calls us to be his hands and feet to actually do something. He calls us to “lift the needy from the ash heap” (Psalm 113:7).

It’s what Jesus would do. Especially now in a world of pandemics where people with disabilities are at even greater risk. But our precious Savior has not abandoned them! He has shown us a way to give his salvation message and deeds of mercy through a new initiative we call Joni’s House – centers which adorn the Gospel of Christ by serving as hubs for wheelchair distribution and repair, International Family Retreats… and much more. Joni’s House is partnering with evangelical churches and local hospitals to provide medical help, evangelism, Bible study, food distribution, dignity kits, and physical therapy. I couldn’t be more excited! Tears are welling even as I write. I have long prayed for a breakthrough like this.

“To me, Joni’s House is my legacy.”


Unlike a new program, Joni’s House is a place – a disability center where the disabled, like the woman in the Philippines who had nowhere to turn, can come and find spiritual healing in Jesus, as well as his practical help from his people.

Oh, friend, hear my heart on this: Joni’s House is the way to rescue, defend, help, speak up for and care for the afflicted, all in the name of Jesus.

So, join Ken and me in praying for the success of the Gospel as we implement Joni’s House in the darkest places of the world. Link arms with me and join the movement! Share in my legacy as you give and pray! With all my heart… thank you, thank you!

-Joni Eareckson Tada

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