Invisible Disabilities: Fibromyalgia

By |Published On: April 11, 2019|Categories: For the Church, Podcast|

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“For a lot of people who deal with chronic pain it’s like walking constantly in a state of storm… for someone who only sees sunshine and clear skies, they can’t even comprehend that it’s storming.”

Hallie Sheaffer

Not all disabilities are visible. While on the outside someone may look as if everything is fine, a disability can sometimes be hiding. And for someone living with an invisible disability such as chronic pain or illness, this challenge may leave them feeling misunderstood or unseen.

Today, Crystal talks with her good friend Hallie Sheaffer about invisible disabilities.

Hallie has fibromyalgia, a disorder that wracks her body with widespread pain, fatigue, and at times even cognitive challenges. Listen as Hallie shares how this hidden disability can affect her daily activities, people’s perceptions of her, and what she has found helpful in her community of support.

A young Joni and Friends voltuneer hugging a young girl with down-syndrome as they both smile at the camera.

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