How Does Fear Affect Your Body?

By |Published On: September 3, 2020|Categories: Podcast|

“You may think, ‘I’m ok. I’m going to sit here and watch the news over and over again,” but it’s affecting your entire body… When our spirit dips into God’s Word, it redirects the mind and the body; there is calmness, goodness, peace, and even health.”

Did you know that fear can impact your whole body? What you think and what you speak can actually alter your body physiologically. So, what are the effects of living in a prolonged season of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety as we face COVID-19?

Today on the podcast, Crystal is talking with Dr. Sam Kojoglanian, an award-winning cardiologist who uses his God-given skills to practice medicine with compassion. Nicknamed “Mender of Hearts,” Dr. Sam joyfully inspires his patients to live healthier, stronger, and more peace-filled lives. Listen as he shares about the interconnectivity of your heart, mind, and body, and the havoc that fear can wreak when you place your focus on information rather than the sovereignty of God. Be encouraged by his contagious joy as he shares what it means to have a faith that triumphs over fear!

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