Coping with Chronic Migraines

By |Published On: July 8, 2021|Categories: Hope & Inspiration, Podcast|

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“I can’t get through each day without Jesus. If I can’t do anything else because my head hurts too bad, it doesn’t hurt so bad that I can’t cling to him.”


Over the past 4 years, Heather Hart has enjoyed only one day without a migraine. As an active mother of 5, her life turned upside down in 2017 when her head began to hurt, and she was hospitalized with meningitis. But when her meningitis cleared up and she returned home, Heather’s headache continued. To this day, doctors have not discovered what causes Heather’s daily, mind-bending migraines.

Through her excruciating headaches, Heather’s prayer has been that God would use her pain for his glory. Now an internationally best-selling author, Heather is on the podcast to share how debilitating migraines have impacted her faith, family, and friendships, but how she’s experienced God’s care through her chronic pain.

Resources for Chronic Pain and Illness

If you are living with chronic pain or a hidden disability, we pray that you are encouraged by these resources. Find hope as you take a close look at how your suffering fits into God’s sovereign plans.

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