A Father’s Encouragement

By |Published On: June 18, 2020|Categories: For the Church, Podcast|

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“Dads really need men to walk shoulder to shoulder with them and say, ‘I am here for you. You can be vulnerable with me. It’s ok to not always be strong. I am here to help.’”


This week on the podcast, David Smith is joining Crystal to share his story and a powerful word of encouragement to other special needs dads. As a dedicated pastor and husband, David – like many men – saw himself as a ‘fixer.’ When he and his wife Heather decided to start a family, they followed God’s call to adopt three children, not knowing what the next day may bring. But through fatherhood and the unexpected challenges of raising kids with special needs, David discovered an even greater reliance upon the Lord.

Today he serves other families impacted by disability through Joni and Friends Missouri and has a gift for encouraging other dads in need of community. With Father’s Day around the corner, don’t miss this powerful conversation – share it with a special needs father in your life!

A young Joni and Friends voltuneer hugging a young girl with down-syndrome as they both smile at the camera.

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