Waiting… and the Good Things that Happen

By |Published On: February 16, 2017|Categories: News|

Joni and JanTraveling as a quadriplegic is never easy – in fact, our recent ministry trip landed us home at LAX at 9 PM. Weary from the long flight, I had to wait on the airplane for my wheelchair. The other passengers had deplaned much earlier, and there was a delay in finding my chair. But when you wait patiently – whether on the Lord, or for a wheelchair – there’s always a blessing in store.

That night it was Jan, the flight attendant assigned to stay onboard with me. A buoyant, happy follower of Jesus, Jan recognized me and shared that she saw the Joni movie in 1979 when she was a teenager. So for the next few moments until my chair arrived, we relished in the faithfulness of God toward us both over so many, many years. Like I said, wonderful things happen when we wait patiently on the Lord. For fun, I’ll be sending Jan a DVD copy of the Joni movie. If you’d like to share my story with a teenager, pick up the Joni book in our online store. And don’t forget… today, practice a little patience when you wait. There’s sure to be a blessing in store for you!

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