How To Think Positive This Christmas

By |Published On: December 23, 2014|Categories: News|

Christmas… the season for pie baking, gift shopping, tree decorating, and ice-skating. But what if your arthritic hands can no longer detangle Christmas lights? What if your paralyzed legs restrain you from skating on ice? Or your aging eyes can no longer read your classic family recipe? If this Christmas, you find yourself wishing you could do more or have more, you’re not alone. When Joni was first injured, she wrestled with many of these real, day-to-day struggles of being disabled over the holidays. But friend, you don’t have to be in a wheelchair to feel like you’re missing out during the Christmas season. With Christmas sales galore, holiday parties everywhere, and family photos that look like they’re straight out of Parents Magazine … it’s easy to feel left out. It’s why Joni would like to share with you how, rather than focusing on what you don’t have, you can focus on all that God has given you this Christmas: His precious Son, Jesus. So, take a moment to watch this short, Christmas video greeting from Joni and then, share it with someone you know who needs a spiritual lift this Christmas. Oh, and don’t forget to listen to Joni on the radio this week for some very special Christmas messages.


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