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Reduce Your Taxes, Increase Your Impact!

Would you like a high-impact tax break that benefits you and helps impact the lives of people impacted by disability? Then please consider making a charitable IRA rollover gift. Here is how your IRA gift can make a difference beyond what you imagined.

Meet Jen, a 71 year old who is a faithful supporter of Joni and Friends. She wants to make a gift to support our Wheels for the World program.

Since Jen is over 7 1/2, the IRS requires her to withdraw her required minimum distribution (RMD) from her IRA.

Since Jen must withdraw this amount,

it will be considered income so Jen will be taxed.

Instead, Jen decides to make a charitable gift

through her IRA to satisfy her RMD.

Jen contacts her IRA custodian to transfer a gift

of $10,000 to Joni and Friends for

Wheels for the World outreached.

Jen’s gift reduces her taxable income

because she pays no taxes on her

gift transferred through her IRA.

Jen’s gift to Joni and Friends reduced her taxes

and increased her impact. She was able to provide

133 wheelchairs to people impacted by disability.

Jen’s gift makes a transformational impact on

133 people and their families through the

hope of the Gospel and the gift of mobility…

people like Alessia.

Like Jen, you too can make a measurable impact.

Learn How!

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You should initiate your year-end transfer prior to December to ensure that the transfer is completed by December 31. Gifts received by Joni and Friends after December 15 may not arrive in time for your IRA custodian to count the gift as a distribution for the current year.

IRA rollover gifts must be processed and received at Joni and Friends by December 31st.


This information is not intended as tax, legal, or financial advice. Please check with your financial advisor to determine how a charitable IRA rollover gift will impact you.

Would you consider making a rollover gift to Joni and Friends?

Many people like to make an IRA Rollover gift to support causes that have been important in their lives.

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