At Marriage Getaway, Aaron and Sarah Found Refreshment

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Aaron and Sarah work hard to maintain balance in their home. But with nine children, four living with disability, life can get overwhelming. Finding time and resources to care for their children—let alone their marriage—can be a challenge.

They shared that while their marriage is strong, the demands of life with disability can put a strain on their relationship and family. One child with autism and others with developmental disabilities add physical safety concerns to their unique family dynamics. Violent behaviors are not uncommon.

And, in addition to providing appropriate care for each child, Sarah says that managing financial resources has caused periods of distress.

“One of us may have to quit our job just to stay home with the children, and this causes financial hardships and distress. Aaron and I work hard to maintain balance in our home, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.”

Finding Refreshment at Marriage Getaway

When they arrived at Marriage Getaway, Aaron and Sarah found exactly what they were looking for: refreshment, and the chance to reconnect with God and one another.

“The Marriage Getaway was a blessing to us. It helped us connect spiritually. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” said Sarah.

Sarah explained how she and Aaron were blessed by the openness of each couple as they took turns sharing their stories.

“It let us know that we are not alone and how blessed we are… We were moved to tears. Both Aaron and I were diagnosed with disabilities as children, but disability does not define us. At Marriage Getaway, we found a community of couples who understand us. We have found hope and the strength to continue fighting for our marriage and fighting for our family. We have decided to choose God over fear, God over doubt, and God over disability! We are keeping Jesus first in our marriage—not disability.”

“God blessed us the entire weekend.” – Sarah

For couples like Aaron and Sarah, a tranquil set-apart weekend can provide a lasting positive change.

As Sarah said: “We were encouraged to keep Jesus first in our marriage, and not disability.”

Now, Aaron and Sarah want to bring their children into the life-giving Joni and Friends community too. When they heard about Family Retreat, they immediately registered their family. They can hardly wait to see God show up for the family, just as he did for them at Marriage Getaway!

You can make it possible for more couples and families living with disability to join Joni and Friends Retreats & Getaways, and discover the life-changing hope of the Gospel.

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