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Information for Couples2023-02-28T08:14:03-08:00

Information for Couples

A couple at Marriage Getaway

What is Marriage Getaway?

Marriage Getaways are designed to serve couples affected by the disability of a spouse or child. Couples will enjoy time with other couples affected by disability who understand the unique challenges they face. These memorable events offer encouragement and fellowship through biblical teaching, worship, dinners, activities, and optional marriage counseling.

What will we do at Marriage Getaway?2023-06-13T14:08:40-07:00

Joni and Friends Marriage Getaway offers a safe and accepting environment where you will find fellowship with other couples who face similar challenges, build lasting memories, and renew your hope in God. Couples will enjoy small group discussions, relaxing activities, and practical seminars that address marriage, family life, and living with a disability. During free time, there will be a variety of fun, accessible activities to enjoy as a couple that may include entertainment or date night!

How long is Marriage Getaway?2023-06-13T14:08:40-07:00

Marriage Getaways are typically 2-3 days although length varies by location.

Do volunteers provide personal or medical care?2023-06-13T14:08:40-07:00

No, volunteers do not provide personal or medical care. If your family requires such care, it may be necessary to arrange for a Personal Care Attendant to attend Marriage Getaway with you. Your family’s Personal Care Attendant will need to fill out their own application.

Will Joni and Friends provide a Personal Care Attendant?2023-06-13T14:08:40-07:00

Although Joni and Friends does not provide a Personal Care Attendant, our team will assist in connecting families to support resources.

Will Joni and Friends accommodate my special requests?2023-06-13T14:08:40-07:00

Our team strives to meet the needs of each family regarding any special accommodations, diets, and other requirements indicated on the application. Applicants may discuss any special requests during the approval process.

Application and Pricing

Which Marriage Getaway should I apply for?2023-06-13T14:08:40-07:00

You may apply to the Marriage Getaway of your choice. You may only attend one getaway per year so that Joni and Friends can serve as many families as possible. Joni and Friends recommends attending the getaway closest to your home to build friendships with other families, volunteers, and churches nearby.

How and when should I apply?2023-06-13T14:08:39-07:00

Visit the Upcoming Retreats page to choose a retreat and apply online. Once your application has been received, you will receive an email with the next steps. We recommend applying as early as possible once applications are made available.

How do I add my Personal Care Attendant to the application?2023-06-13T14:08:39-07:00

Families can add a Personal Care Attendant to their application when they apply for the event. Alternatively, the Personal Care Attendant can apply on their own later by providing the name of the family they are attending with.

How do I add additional people to my application?2023-06-13T14:08:39-07:00

Yes, there is an option for additional applicants to join your family or group application. The additional applicant will need to apply as a new applicant or login with their existing account. The new applicant should not be added via the primary family member’s account. To get started, access your Retreats & Getaway event page.

Can my family attend more than one Marriage Getaway?2023-06-13T14:08:39-07:00

No. Families may only attend one Joni and Friends Marriage Getaway per year. This enables as many families as possible to experience Marriage Getaway.

What is the cost of Marriage Getaway?2023-06-13T14:08:39-07:00

The cost of Marriage Getaway varies by each location and includes all lodging accommodations, meals, and program costs. The cost does not include transportation to and from the event. Many families attend Marriage Getaway with the help of their church, friends, family, or other organizations. Joni and Friends offers fundraising resources as well as partial scholarships.

Where do I make a payment for my Retreat & Getaway cost?2023-06-13T14:08:39-07:00

Payments can be made through your Joni and Friends account. Click the “Sign-In” button at the top of the website and select the name of your event on your homepage. Then click “Make a Payment” on this page and submit your payment information.

How do I share my fundraising page with my friends and family?2023-06-13T14:08:39-07:00

They can search for your fundraising page under our Sponsor a Participant page under our Support Us drop-down on our website. This search box will take them to your fundraising page when they can click “Donate Now” to give.

What if I need to cancel?2023-06-13T14:08:39-07:00

Joni and Friends does not refund payments unless cancellation is caused by an extreme medical situation or if Joni and Friends cancels the event.

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