Engraved on His Hands

By |Published On: September 4, 2023|Categories: Daily Devotional|

It’s hard to find more encouraging words than in Isaiah 49 where God says, “See, I have written your name. I’ve inscribed it. I’ve engraved it on the palms of my hands.” He has engraved your pain, your concerns, your dreams, your difficulties, your disabilities.

He has carved into himself your weaknesses and your frailty. And when I say carved, think of those nail scars in the palms of his hands. That’s how much compassion he has for you. More concerned than you could ever have for yourself.

Plus, he has engaged all of his almighty power to sustain and relieve you. Friend, you will never suffer too much nor will you ever suffer in vain. So today, trust the one who was engraved into his hands everything that makes you who you are, and who you can be in Jesus Christ.

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