Desire and Power

By |Published On: November 13, 2023|Categories: Daily Devotional|

Looking back on the years that I have lived with quadriplegia, I’ve survived and I have thrived on the promise of Philippians 2:13. God promises us there to give us the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

Left to my own devices, paralyzed in this wheelchair, I have no desire, nor do I have the inclination, nor power to live in a way that pleases God. So, if I want to thrive, or even survive, I say, “Jesus, please give me the desire. Give me the yearning to live like I should, as well as the power to do it. Because only in pleasing you will I be happy and be able to do life with a smile.”

And you know what? God is always, always, always good on that promise in Philippians 2 verse 13. So look it up and do more than survive. Come on, get out there and thrive.

Sharing Hope Through My Quadriplegia and Suffering

Cameron never imagined he would live without the full use of his hands and legs. He joins the podcast to talk about how God has filled him with strength and grace amid his suffering, which has led people to know Jesus and displayed God’s power through trials.

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