Disability Ministry Virtual Network

December 7, 2023 @ 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm

People on a virtual conference call

Did you know…1 in 4 individuals and 1 in 3 families in every New England community are living with disability?

Did you also know that in our post-covid culture, families affected by disability are seeking community and searching for hope in Christ? Churches are reporting attendance by families with special needs are increasing. They are being drawn to hear the Gospel and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus. Is your church ready to welcome, receive and disciple individuals and families affected by disability?

Disability Ministry typically starts in one of two ways. “Top down” ministry is when church leadership decides to create a ministry and comes to the congregation seeking volunteers. “Bottom up” ministry is the exact opposite – a member of the congregation sees a need and seeks support from their leadership. The latter start up is most often the case. It can be discouraging to feel like you’re the only one with a vision for building churches with disability inclusive communities. Is this you?

This network meeting will focus on practical ways to approach church leadership about serving individuals and families affected by disability. You will hear first-hand stories, hear suggestions (that work!) and have an opportunity to ask questions. Come prepared to listen, learn and share.
If you are a Pastor, Ministry Leader or Key Volunteer in a ministry or church looking for ways to develop and sustain a disability inclusive culture, this ONLINE group is for you!

Once you’ve submitted a registration, a zoom meeting link will be provided to you by Vision New England.

NOTE: This network group is restricted to New England based churches and ministries.


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